Phone: (951) 514-7918
Calle Prof. M. Aranda 203 Centro Histórico,
68000 Oaxaca, Oaxaca Mexico.



Getting to the hotel from the Oaxaca airport is easy and relatively inexpensive. Transporte Terrestre (951-511-5453) runs ALL of the service from the airport into the city. It is VERY expensive to have a taxi sent to pick you up!
A private taxi, whatever size your group (the taxis hold about 4 people with luggage), is $250.00 pesos, about $20.00 US. The trip takes about 1/2 hour to the hotel.
A “colectivo” van with others, but still dropped right at your hotel door, is $60.00 pesos per person, about @ $5.00 US. This trip can take longer as it may make various stops.
As you exit the customs/baggage claim area into the air terminal – and moving towards the left – you will pass counters for the various car rentals as you walk towards the outside exit. The last of these counters is for the taxi ticket sales. Just buy one for either the taxi or a “colectivo” for “el centro” (downtown). They’ll show you to a taxi or van and you can then tell them you want to go to Hotel Azucenas:
“a la esquina de Matamoros y la Calle Profesor Martiniano Aranda, (era Unión) – en frente la escuela Andrés Portillo y a una cuadra arriba la Iglesia La Soledad”


You’ll probably be coming in on a 1st class bus, so will arrive at the ADO bus station. Get a cab and give him the following directions: “el Hotel Azucenas está en la esquina de Matamoros y la Calle M. Aranda (también conocido como Unión), a una cuadra arriba de la Basílica de la Soledad, y en frente de la escuela primaria Andrés Portillo”.
If you want to walk from the bus station, it’s about 3 km/1.8 mile to the hotel: go left as you come out of the bus station and onto the main, busy street – Niños Heroes de Chapultepec (there are traffic lights on this corner, go a few blocks and then left onto Av. Juarez, then six blocks south (eventually along the side of the huge and lovely Parque Llano), and then right onto Murgia (which will turn into Matamoros) – seven blocks will bring you to our door.


Come in from Puebla/Mexico City on Highway 190 (which becomes Calzada Madero as it enters the city, and then Av. Independencia). Turn left onto Crespo (one-way, north), go three blocks and then left onto M. Bravo. One block up the cobblestones and then left onto M. Aranda, one more block (you are now going south again) and you’ll be in front of our door.