Kiff Slemmons and the artisans of Arte Papel Oaxaca, Etla

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The collaborative paper jewelry works of Kiff Slemmons and the artisans of Arte Papel Oaxaca

Not far from Hotel Azucenas, in the center of Oaxaca…

Kiff Slemmons spent ten years collaborating with the artisans of Arte Papel in Oaxaca, Mexico. The result is a collection of paper jewelry which is highly sculptural and utilizes indigenous plants, fibers, natural and synthetic dyes.

The work emerged
from Slemmons’ art residences at Arte Papel Oaxaca where work was done by the artist and members of the atelier. Early pieces referenced African jewelry with discs built up into sculptural bead forms. Later pieces exhibit the techniques of folding, cutting, hollow punching, rolled and formed paper pulp. The atelier is dedicated to “reviving the pre-Columbian tradition of making paper from natural fibers”.  Thanks to: gallery loupe 
Kiff Slemmons lives in Chicago and is a long time visitor to Oaxaca.

The Taller gives demonstrations with prior arrangement (or luck) – and there is a wonderful little shop selling paper jewelry and products – check for store hours before trying to visit.  And check with Hotel Azucenas for a list of other delightful places in that immediate area!The Taller Arte Papel (locally called “the paper factory  or the fabrica de papel), in San Agustin, Vista Hermosa, Etla is about a 45 minute drive from the center of Oaxaca city.  It can be reached by taxi or colectivo – the staff at the hotel will be glad to give you directions.

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• junio 7, 2013

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