Our Neighborhood, El Peñasco – the Wall Next Door

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NOT TRADITIONAL, but wonderful!  The building immediately to the north of us on Calle Profesor Martiniano Aranda (or Union – depending on which map you look at…or how long you’ve lived in the neighborhood. The street name was changed over 40 years ago).

The artist is a young man, benuz sanez (losdelaefe.blogspot.mx), who lives next door.  There is also a lithography shop in the building now.

Oaxaca – a center for contemporary arts as well as traditional crafts – is home to many street artists.

And, of course there is that most traditional of Oaxacan wall art, still visible at the Mitla archeological site.

What makes Mitla unique among Mesoamerican sites is the elaborate and intricate mosaic fretwork and geometric designs that cover tombs, panels, friezes and even entire walls. These mosaics are made with small, finely cut and polished stone pieces which have been fitted together without the use of mortar. No other site in Mexico has this.  The ancient city of Mitla reached its height and largest size between 750 and 1521. (Thanks to Wikipedia)

Photos thanks to: muralimomorte.blogspot.comwanderlustandlipstick.com; wikipedia.com

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• abril 3, 2013

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