The Neighborhood: PAN-AM Bakery

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Hotel Azucenas is located in one of the oldest neighborhoods of the city of Oaxaca…El Peñasco, named for its location on the craggy foothill of the Cierro Fortin hill, just behind us.  A mostly residential neighborhood with a primary school and lots of local misceláneas (corner stores)…it also has a wealth of delightful places to visit:

PAN-AM (Kikirikí)

 Good bread is a rarity in Mexico´s tortilla culture.  That´s why we´re lucky to have Oaxaca’s newest bakery – PAN-AM – opening up just 1½ blocks from our small hotel, here in the center of Oaxaca.

Serving up muffins, cuernos (a Mexican version of the croissant), tender foccacia, and big fragrant loaves of white and rye bread this place is already catching on and they´ve only just opened!

With everything baked on-site, the quality here sets the bar for Oaxacan bakeries.  And while some of the items are traditional favorites (blueberry or chocolate chip muffins) these guys aren’t afraid to experiment.

Their cuernos are made with a rich sweetened bread dough (white or whole wheat) and come out moist and tender with a delicate thin crust.  Different kinds are made every day but so far they´ve served up cuernos filled with apple and cinnamon; caramel; spinach and cream; spicy Spanish sausage and Oaxacan string cheese (!!!); chocolate and, yesterday, blueberries with blue cheese!

The blueberries come from the Sierra Mazateca and meet the baker’s pledge to use seasonal Oaxacan ingredients when possible.

The facade is newly-painted by Redna – a Oaxacan artist – and the interior is colonial-chic: red brick floors and high ceilings with wooden beams.  Altogether an amazing package.

PAN-AM serves up Oaxacan coffee and what they proclaim is the ‘least-sweet’ hot chocolate in the city.  They plan to put sandwiches and salads on the menu – probably just about the time you get down here.

It’s nicknamed Kikirikí  (the cock-a-doodle-doo of a Spanish-speaking rooster)…

Photos thanks to Pan-Am and Gordon Maul.  Text thank to Gordon, a sometimes employee and great friend of Hotel Azucenas.

PAN-AM Panaderia y cafeteria  (KIKIRIKÍ)

Matamoros 400; between Tinoco y Palacios & Crespo

Oaxaca’s historic center

9 AM – 6 PM Monday through Saturday

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• agosto 8, 2013

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