Where Else Would You See a Metallic Purple Police Pickup Truck??

02 purple-pickup


Ok, it WASN”T this one…it was a little lighter, and newer (I couldn’t take a photo while I was driving “over the mountain” in the city of Oaxaca)…but it DID say Policía – Municipio de San Bartólo Coyotepec on the side doors.  San B. Coyotepec is a small municipality/town about a half hour south of the city of Oaxaca, famous for it’s handmade black pottery, and now for housing the state of Oaxaca’s administrative buildings.

I’ve also seen a whole Mexican army base filled with BRIGHT peach-colored barracks.  It’s somewhere along the route that I’ve driven many times between Canada and Oaxaca – I wish I could remember where. 02 peach.shrunk-300x300

• marzo 19, 2012

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